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Crack Stitching Kit

General Quick Guide

  • Cost effective repair for stitching cracked walls
  • 10 Stainless steel crack stitching bars
  • 3L High strength polymer modified grout
  • Fully concealed once installed
  • Minimal disruption
  • Restores structural stability
  • Independently tested
  • A robust structural repair system in a box


Insofast Crack Stitching kit contains 10 helical reinforcement bars that are inserted across cracks in masonry walls to restore or enhance the structural integrity of cracked walls.

Usually concealed in mortar bed joints the bars are grouted into brickwork, block or stone walls using a high strength polymer modified grout. The grout provides a secure bond to the masonry and locks onto the reinforcement within continuous helical troughs.



Crack stitching offers a cost effective and reliable method of restoring the stability of cracked masonry walls with minimal disruption to the building or to its occupants.

The system is extremely quick and very simple to install. The helical bars extend 500mm either side of the crack and are spaced 300-450mm apart. They provide a strong, effective and permanent stitching repair that can be hidden discretely within the mortar bed joint to conceal the structural reinforcement.


Product Specification

Product 10 Stitching Bars
Material Austenitic Stainless steel (304)
CSA Standard 6mm bars 7.4mm
CSA Heavy Duty 8mm bars 12.0mm
Ult.Tensile Strength 1050-1200N/mm
WHO60 Grout at 28 Days at 20Oc
Compressive Strength  55N/mm
Tensile Strength  5N/mm
Flexural Strength  12N/mm
Youngs Modulus  13N/mm

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