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General Quick Guide

  • High tensile stainless steel helical reinforcing bars
  • Fully concealed once installed
  • Minimal disruption
  • Restores structural stability
  • Highly versatile
  • Independently tested at the BRE


Insofast helical re-bars are high tensile masonry reinforcement rods that are retrofitted into walls to enhance the tensile, shear and flexible capacity of brickwork.

Usually concealed in mortar bed joints the bars are grouted into walls to tie masonry together. Used in pairs the bars form deep masonry beams to span openings in the wall or to bridge across areas unable to support applied structural loads.



Insofast helical re-bars have a nominal tensile strength that is twice that of standard re-bar, four times that of epoxy glass-fibre and seven times that of wound helix plate [BRE Good Building Guide 62].

Helical re-bars are available in lengths of 1m, 2m and in 7m coils. They can be used for a variety of masonry reinforcement applications to provide a cost effective and sympathetic alternative to re- building.


Product Specification

Material Austenitic Stainless steel (304)
CSA Standard 6mm bars  7.4mm≤
Ult.Tensile Strength 1050-1200N/mm≤

Installation Notes

When installing two rows of helical re-bars to create load bearing masonry beams ensure;

  • 2 helical bars to each slot
  • 450mm-900mm between slots
  • No DPC plane between slots
  • Bars extend 500mm beyond opening

When installing helical re-bars for crack stitching ensure;

  • 1 helical bar to each slot
  • 300-450mm between slots
  • Bars extend 500mm beyond cracks

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