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Replacement Wall Ties

General Quick Guide

  • European CE mark approval for cavity wall ties
  • Rapid 10 second installation
  • Suitable for use in all types of brick & block
  • Patented helix consistency
  • Precise helical interlock anchorage
  • Combines strength & flexibility
  • Robust & corrosion free
  • Independently tested & verified
  • Cost effective SDS tooling


Replacement helical wall ties have been used to re-tie cavity walls for 25 years. The new CD Tie is the latest engineered upgrade, offering a quicker, easier and safer cavity tie replacement system.

Ties are hammered into undersized pilot hole in bricks and blocks using a low cost SDS setting tool. The helix angle forces the tie to cut self tapping threads in the masonry. The ties simply grip the bricks, blocks or concrete within the interlocking helical undercut.

The ties helix provides natural drip points to prevent water transfer across the cavity.



The use of a small pilot bore limits brick damage when the drill bit breaks through into the cavity, thereby reducing risk of a cavity blockage.

The helical interlock connection exerts no expansive stress to the masonry. Loads are spread evenly along the helix, providing reliability of connection.

Patented twisting accuracy and the neat SDS driving arrangement combine to offer high performance and high speed replacement cavity wall ties that take less than 10 seconds to fit into each hole. 



Product Specification

Product CDTie - 9mm
Material Stainless steel
Tensile Strength => 15kN
Compressive Strength 3.5kN at 150mm
Pitch Deviation on Tie < 0.5%
Cavity Width Wall Tie Length
20-45mm 205mm
50-70mm 230mm
75-95mm 255mm
100-120mm 280mm
125-145mm 305mm
Characteristic Tensile Loads in
Material Pilot Depth Load
Aircrete None 85mm 1.9kN
Brick 6mm 75mm 2.6kN
Concrete 6mm 50mm 2.3kN
Eng. Brick 7mm 75mm 2.8kN

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