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INSOFAST supplies high performance easy-to-use insulation fixings designed for a variety of applications in the construction industry.

INSOFAST fasteners are purpose designed for fixing insulation to walls, roofs and ceilings. Look out for fire-safe metal anchors for fixing rigid insulation boards to flats roofs, fastening fireproof insulation to soffits and for securing insulated plasterboard to solid walls.

Alternatively select plastic insulation anchors for maximum thermal performance. Versitile synthetic fasteners are suitable for a range of applications and substrates.

Looking for the best of both worlds? Take a look at the latest  façade anchor for fixing external wall insulation. The ISF60 fastener has a high performance metal shank with a helix separated from a large diameter synthetic head via an effective thermal break collar. The unique helical design causes the fastener to “corkscrew” into a variety of building materials when driven quickly and efficiently using a conventional hammer or a special hammer drill adapter.

Each INSOFAST fixing has been purpose designed for a specific task yet is highly versatile and can be used in most construction products including concrete, brick, aircrete and timber. Metal insulation fixings are available in galvanised steel and for more aggressive environments stainless steel.

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