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Polypropylene Fastener

General Quick Guide

  • High quality polypropylene fixing
  • Suitable for 100mm deep insulation
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Excellent shear strength
  • Good temperature tolerance
  • Suitable for render systems
  • Part L compliant


ISF Poly-Anchor is a low-cost one-piece polypropylene insulation fastener that is manufactured in the UK. The anchor body features a 35mm diameter head and a solid shank having a series friction grip ribs.

An 8mm hole is drilled into solid brick, block or concrete walls. The anchor is simply tapped through the insulation until embedded into the wall at a minimum embedment depth of 30mm.

Separate load spreading washers are available for this item.



The Poly-Anchor has no moving parts, making it quick and easy to install. Its multi-rib friction rings make this fixing ideal securing rigid insulation, EPS, High Density Rockwool and Composites to a wide range of solid masonry units.

The 35mm roughened clamping head provides excellent pull through resistance. And provides a good key for the application of render coats.

Poly-Anchor is available in varying lengths to suit a wide range of insulation depths.


Product Specification

Product ISF Poly-Anchor
Material Polypropylene
Head Diameter 35mm
Max Shear Loading 250N
Temperature Range -30C to +90C
Insulation Depth Fixing Length
0-20mm 50mm
20-40mm 70mm
50-60mm 90mm
70-80mm 110mm
90-100mm 130mm
Characteristic Tensile Loads in:
Material Hole Depth Load
Block 8mm 30mm 0.18kN
Brick 8mm 30mm 0.23kN
Concrete 8mm 30mm 0.25kN

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