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Warm Roof Insulation Fixing

General Quick Guide

  • Stronger stiffer fixings – prevents buckling
  • Withstands all structural loads
  • Suitable for 150mm deep insulation
  • Improved build quality & reliability
  • Reduced density & cold bridging
  • Cost effective - up to 66% less nailing
  • Independently tested & verified
  • BRE approved design method
  • Meets the requirements of NHBC
  • Part L compliant


Super-7™ Warm Roof Nails are headless helical fixings that carry the wind and sliding loads that are encountered by pitched roofs having deep over rafter insulation.

HeliCalc™ software selects the appropriate fixing length and density using a BRE approved design method to calculate wind & snow loads in accordance with BS6399 Part 2 & Part 3. National Annexes to Euro-codes 0 and 5 apply partial safety factors in respect of timber connections, dead loads, wind loads and snow loads. The results of HeliCalc software are specific to genuine Super-7 fixings only.



Where 80mm to 150mm insulation is used the robust Super-7™ warm roof nail, enables fixing densities to be reduced by up to 66% compared to traditional 6mm helical nail systems.

The increased stiffness, which is due to the reinforced cross sectional design, has the added advantage of offering reduced buckling tendencies than that of less robust fasteners.

The result offers an overall reduction in thermal bridging potential and significant labour savings by virtue of reduced nailing.


Product Specification

Product Super-7™ Warm Roof Nail
Material Austenitic Stainless steel (304)
Nominal Diameter 7mm
Cross Sectional Area 9mm²
Ultimate Tensile Strength > 1100N/mm²
Pitch Deviation on Nail < 0.5%*
Typical Load 1mm DeflN 681n at 35mm
Lengths: 130-240mm in 10mm increments

*European Patent No. EP1307303.

The Super-7 guide tool (British Patent No. GB 2426949) overcomes the deficiencies associated in skew fixing to improve build quality.

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