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Lightweight Block Anchor

General Quick Guide

  • Anchors wood to all brands of aircrete
  • Rapid power driven installation
  • Self-tapping masonry fasteners
  • High axial strength & shear capacity
  • Patented helix consistency
  • Precise helical interlock anchorage
  • Low cost SDS tooling


AirTwist™ is a new high speed frame fixing that nails timber battens, frames and wall plates to Aircrete without any need to pre-drill or to plug and screw.

Using a neat SDS setting tool these lost-head nails are hammered directly through the timber and into all types of Aircrete blocks. Work-hardened helical blades force the tie to cut a self-tapping helical thread as installation proceeds.



The slim helical form of the AirTwist lost-head nail alleviates timber-splitting and offers a mechanical interlock anchorage that exerts no expansive crushing stress into the Aircrete..

The performance advantage offered by the Thin Joint Wall Tie stems its engineered twisting accuracy (Patent EP1307303), which forms an unrivalled tightly mating interlock within the Aircrete to provide superior performance.


Product Specification

Product AirTwist™ Aircrete fixings
Material BZP Carbon Steel
Nominal Diameter <= 8.0mm
Nominal C.S.A => 13.0mm
Pitch Deviation on Nail < 0.5%*
Tensile Strength < 650N/mm˛
Brittish Patent No. GB 2439633
Worldwide Patents Pending


25mm 75mm
26-37mm 100mm
38-37mm 125mm

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