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Soffit / Mesh Anchor

General Quick Guide

  • High degree of fire resistance
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fewer fixings - reduced labour
  • Reduced cold bridging
  • Dependable performance
  • Highly versatile in a wide range of construction materials
  • Fix with hammer or SDS drill adapter
  • Fixes into concrete and masonry with tiny pilot hole
  • Fixes directly into lightweight block without pre-drilling


A one-piece spiral shafted helical anchor having a dome reinforced head with a perforated rim specifically designed for fixing fireproof insulation boards to masonry walls and soffits.

Fixed either manually using a conventional hammer or driven home using a hammer drill fitted with an SDS adapter. The anchor has a wide integral washer-like retaining head making it quick and easy to fix, with or without pilot holes.



ISF35 anchors are suitable for all types of fire resistant mineral wool insulation board including Rockwool, Saint Gobain Isover and Knauff. The metal fasteners provide a maximum fire resistance, continuing to hold up to temperatures approaching melting point.

The thermally efficient spiral shaft has a much smaller cross sectional area than that of a solid shaft of equivalent diameter to minimise disturbance to the materials being used and to reduce cold bridging potential.

Where pilot holes are required, the anchors require very small pilot holes (5mm for brick or 6mm for structural concrete), minimising the invasive effects of larger drill bits and ensuring maximum integrity and performance of the insulation.


Product Specification

Material Zinc Plated AISI 1008 Steel
Austenitic 304 Stainless Steel
Diameter of Head 35mm
Diameter of Shank 7mm
CSA of Shank 9mm≤
Pitch Accuracy < 0.5%
Typical Load 1mm Defln
581N (concrete)
622N (brick)
649N (aircrete)
Avaliable Lengths* 110mm
(panel depth 40-70mm}
(panel depth 75-105mm}
(panel depth 105-130mm}
(panel depth 135-160mm}
* Based on minimum 40mm embedment into masonry

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